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Work on programming language Loglan'82 and its compiler was accompanied by vivid discussion and fundamental research. On these pages we shall report some of results as well as an attempt to define an axiomatic semantics of Loglan'82.

Part I Problems and reports

= Safe dealocation of objects

We are happy to present you the object managing system invented by Antoni Kreczmar see bezpieczne zarzadzanie obiektami

= How to determine the inherited class

One program may contain many classes of the same name. This is due to the block structure of Loglan programs.

Now, suppose that a class B inherits 9I.e. extends) class A. Which of possibly many classes A we should identify as a base class?

This question is a fundamental one for the definition of semantics. There are 4 languages which admit both nesting of modules (i.e. block structure ) and inheritance:

  • Simula67
  • Loglan'82
  • BETA
  • Java

Each language gives another definition of the base class. We shall mention ...

Is it possible to keep the Dijkstra's mechanism of Display Vector ?

= Alien call

Part II Axiomatic definitions of sublanguages of Loglan'82