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These pages are about four research programs that are intertwined each other. Two of projects have quite a history:

  • Algorithmic Logic - its aim is to study the laws of reasoning about programs,
  • Loglan'82 - it is an object programming language designed over 30 years ago.

We tell also of new research programs that apply the results of the former ones:

  • LEM - a project that is aimed at a new programming language and environment,
  • SpecVer - the project .

LEM is the name of a new research program. The aim of the program is to find an answer the question: is it possible to define and implement a programming language of certain features (see specification LEM)

The language LEM is to apply the results of Loglan'82 project and to adapt the achievements of object programming languages of younger generations such as Java, C++, C#, Python, etc.

LEM may turn out to be useful in the works of another larger project SpecVer.

Loglan'82 Algorithmic Logic LEM SpecVer